Diamond Lite Saddle

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Are you looking for a light weight quality ranch saddle that will not break your wallet??? Buckaroo Leather has found a gem of a light weight saddle. It is a Diamond Lite Saddle.  This saddle is not only light weight, less than 24 lbs, but durable and tough. It is comfortable for both horse and rider and it is A FEATHER TO THROW UP. This saddle feels like a feather compared to other SADDLES!  WADE IS SOLD OUT

All Around with swells in front and standard horn. . ALSO the all around is GREAT FOR TRAIL &  BARREL RACING BECAUSE IT'S SO LIGHT.

They are all plain now no tooling available. Most are in stock now. 

This ranch saddle uses a new Kevlar Tree. This innovative tree is made from plastic foam and E-Glass creating a light weight and extremely strong tree! What is Kevlar? Kevlar fibers are 43 percent lighter than typical fiberglass, 10-times stronger than aluminum, and literally five-times stronger than steel.

All the trees have a ground seat built into the tree making the seats consistent & comfortable! These saddles are assembled in China WITH ALL AMERICAN LEATHER PARTS   (not made by Buckaroo Leather) but the quality and lightness of this saddle are great for the horseman or women who want an affordable Wade or All Around Saddle. Skilled American craftsman helped them all through the production of these saddles. The stirrups are preturned for comfort, the seat and stirrup fenders are smooth rough out for a good stick to seat feel....

SOME available special add ons — see pictures above—

-crupper and or breaching dees on back of saddle

- rope strap

- conchos

-bucking rolls 
Most are in stock  

100% satisfaction guarantee and fit for you and your horse, mules & donkeys guaranteed!  Try it for a couple days... NO RISK..... other sizes available please call for stock 530-545-0139

We are proud to sponsor Dana Lovell and Atticus in the 2017 Reno Extreme Mustang Challenge.  Read what Dana has to say about this fabulous saddle!

"The Diamond Lite Saddle is only 24 lbs yet good looking and durable. I am falling in love with how easy it is to carry and swing on a horse. The different rigging options offer me choices to suite my personal preference or to adjust for the horse's build, to give the most comfortable fit. I really like the deep seat and close contact feel. I am secure, balanced and able to clearly communicate with my horse. The free swinging stirrups are comfortable and allow me the movement I need to make my leg cues clear and concise. This saddle has proven to be a versatile ride. From colt starting to the Cowboy Dressage ring, the ease of saddling, comfort and quality has made this my go to saddle."  

Click below to watch the video review of this fabulous saddle!

-Gullet: FULL Quarter Horse 6 3/4"-7”  wide x 7 1/2" high 
-Cheyenne 2" Cantle: 4" high x 13" wide 
-Horn Style: Wade 3" x 3" or All Around 3'' x 1 3/4"

Watch the video below to listen to Leann Lawson, Cowboy Mounted Shooter, talk about the Diamond Lite Saddle and Buckaroo Leather!

Your 100% satisfaction and fit for you and horse is guaranteed. Try it for a couple days... NO RISK.....

These saddles are available for immediate delivery and are in Diamond Springs, Ca. shipping is about $49 in the US. 



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