Lined Ultimate Split Reins, Weighted at Popper-End

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This new version of our best selling ULTIMATE Rein, western reins,  is also hand crafted of Herman Oak Harness leather, then lined and oiled with chap lining for a soft supple "broken in" feel.  We have tripled the weight of the rein at the popper ends for 20". This rein now has all the features you want in a top quality horse tack rein.  These reins have the uniform balance through out the complete length, as we take care when we cut them side by side. They are PAIRED together, BORN together for that exact same feel & weight, for the ultimate signal and communication!  The ends are extra heavy for the correct drape!! These split reins are great for training, western riding and cutting.

These reins are available in 1/2" LR2692; 5/8" LR2702; 3/4" LR2712, choose from the drop down menu. You can also choose your length,  7' or 8'  and color.


"You should be very particular when choosing a pair of leather horse reins. They are used as the line of communication that passes your signals to your horse. Without a doubt, the reins need to feel good in your hands and good to your horse. They must have life to them so when communicating thru them, your horse has a clear understanding of what you are asking them to do. There is no substitution for quality when choosing the correct set of reins for you and your horse. They are exposed to the elements on a continual basis, so poor quality reins will suffer by losing their life over time and diminish the feel between you and your horse. Whatever phase you are experiencing in your horsemanship journey, good quality American made tack is an essential part in leading you and your horse to the next level. For a deeper and more refined alive communication choose Buckaroo Leather reins.".....John Brand

Customer Reviews

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Lori King
Perfect Split Reins

Exceptional quality and weighted perfectly for the correct drape!
A thousand thanks.

Anne-Marie H.
Love it!

Second time purchasing. I always love your products and these reins are awesome!


I am in love with these reins. Best I've ever used. So soft and subtle and the weight is perfect. I have never used reins that were weighted, and I don't know how I've lived without them. LOL. They have impressed me so much that I will be ordering more of these to give as gifts.

Amazing craftsmanship, soft and supple!

These reins are beautiful, such attention to detail and amazing craftsmanship. I requested weighted at both ends to achieve a nice drape and these are exactly what I was looking for. The leather is like butter - soft, supple, and a pleasure to ride in. Im so glad I decided to purchase these reins!

Melissa Dawson
Best of the best!

Never in my life have I held a pair of reins in my hands like this. Butter soft, perfect weight and feel! I’m constantly fiddling with my reins, there to short, Or I can’t feel them and have to look down to see if I’m holding reins or a mane. You will never have to look down to find these, they fit perfectly in your hand and the weight allows you to know with our looking if the ends are where they should be. My horse has a very long neck so I ordered a pair in a 10ft length and they fit him perfectly. The search is over! The ultimate reins can only be found here!