Leather Water Bottle Holder

  • $48.00

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Here's what you been asking for, a quality leather holder for any water, pop, or sports drink bottle. It is all leather and WILL FIT ANY SADDLE and has a secure strap - YOUR CHOICE OF SECURE STRAP, either snap strap or tie string.

There are many styles here to fit your saddle:

1) WB902 slips through latigo keeper slot and includes option of combo slot to slip over horn  - 1st & 2nd picture 

2) WB903 Lace to rear flank billet -3rd pic 

3) WB901 Snap to any ring on saddle- 4th pic 




Customer Reviews

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Hand made and useful when moving cattle in the summer heat...👍🏾

Natalie Sheppard
So convenient!

Got the version that laces right on to the flank cinch, and I love it! Easy to reach my water, and super stable so I don’t have to worry about the bottle swinging around as a ride! Definitely a great low profile alternative to carrying bags on a long hot ride.