Leather Handbag

  • $59.00

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These awesome handbags are made from a variety of canvas, smooth & hair on leather, recycled military tents and materials procured from the forests of India where they are made. They are made using a natural, vegetable tanning process. The leather bags are made of premium, 100% genuine, quality leather.  These bags are strong, yet have a soft, natural look and feel. Every bag is truly handcrafted with a spirit of vintage, and a bold, unique look.  

Note:  Dimensions, as shipped, will be smaller than actual size as they are folded and compacted for shipping.  

The particular handbag pictured here, is made from 100% Genuine Leather.   

Inside is a nice cloth lining with multiple pockets and a zipper closure. 

13" WIDE X 9" HIGH X 4" DEEP with 4" HANDLE DROP