Oiled Darker Harness Leather Split Reins

Oiled Darker Harness Leather Split Reins

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These quality Split Horse Reins are made from premium Heavy Weight Hermann Oak Harness leather for a smooth, rich, broke in feel. These are oiled more than our regular reins and darker. These Western Horse Reins are available in 1/2" (LR281) , 5/8"(LR284) , 3/4" (LR283),  and 1" (LR282) widths and 7' or 8' lengths. The Leather Reins are Hand Rubbed with heavy ends and finished for a soft supple feel.

They have the uniform balance through out the complete length, Because we take care to cut the reins side by side. They are PAIRED together, BORN together for that exact same feel & weight for that ultimate signal and communication! Ends are heavy for the correct feel & drape!! A great addition to your horse tack equipment. Great for Cutting and stock horse event, etc.

"You should be very particular when choosing a pair of leather horse reins. They are used as the line of communication that passes your signals to your horse. Without a doubt the reins need to feel good in your hands and good to your horse. They must have life to them so when communicating thru them your horse has a clear understanding of what you are asking them to do. There is no substitution for quality when choosing the correct set of reins for you and your horse. They are exposed to the elements on a continual basis, so poor quality reins will suffer by losing their life over time and diminish the feel between you and your horse. Whatever phase you are experiencing in your horsemanship journey, good quality American made tack is an essential part in leading you and your horse to the next level. For a deeper and more refined alive communication choose Buckaroo Leather reins."

.....John Brand