Loping Soft Nose Hackamore Set

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This is our quality AMERICAN made western Hermann oak leather hackamore loping soft nose bridle you hear about from the trail riders, cutters, reiners and natural horsemanship trainers, all wanting some relief for their horses from the bit!

We are honored that world known clinicians Richard Winters (www.wintersranch.com) and Mark Rashid (www.markrashid.com) use this bridle on their own horses during clinics. This bridle is a must have for anyone wanting to use a bitless bridle for some bit relief. Many horse riders are using this hackamore full time!

This is a round soft nose rope caveson hackamore designed to give relief from the bit and around your horse's nose and, because it is round, it works like a sidepull/hackamore combo. The rein and caveson are all one piece of marine yacht rope with a leather wrap under the chin binding it all together. It does not slip or tighten under the chin!! 

You can also choose to add 1)rawhide or 2)soft brown leather to the nose for a firmer feel and control. This choice takes 3-4 weeks to make to fit  

The bridle features our working 5/8" harness leather double cheek adjustment headstall, with a hand braided fiador (throat latch), which is adjustable to hold the hackamore in the proper position. Reins are 5/8"- 8' split nylon marine yacht rope with leather poppers Or loop one piece rein. ** 

colors available- brown-blk-tan combo, black-tan combo & brown-blk combo and now new - mint chocolate chip!!

special order in black leather also available for an ADDITIONAL $18 **

Give the nose circumference measurement in the "Notes and Special Request" box at checkout....the standard regular size nose circumference is about 23". See pictures to determine where to measure  
Specify if you would like 8ft Split Reins with popper, or 9ft Loop one-piece Rein.

Here's what Dana Lovell, of Running T Horsemanship says about the Loping Soft Nose Hackamore:

"Love the loping hackamore. I think it's a great option for those who want to go bitless, are intimated and/or uneducated in the hackamore (bosal set up) but want the more traditional headstall/cowboy look. It is also a great option for colt starting (love the idea of adding the rawhide braid on the nose), easy to adjust for the individual horse, more control than than a halter and introduces the colt to the feel of wearing a headstall. It's also important to do some quick exercises on the ground to make sure the horse understands, because you are "speaking" a slightly different "language". Also very important to start in a controlled area and not just hop on and go for a trail ride."

RW334 / RW334x

SMALL/COB/ARAB sizes have a crown adjustment of smallest at 31" to largest of 40". The full crown measurement is from where the noseband fits up over the poll down to noseband... . BROWBAND about 16".

REGULAR horse sizes have a crown adjustment of smallest at 34" to largest of 44". The full crown measurement is from The full crown measurement is from where the noseband fits up over the poll down to noseband... . . BROWBAND about 17".

LARGE Horse/Mule sizes have a crown adjustment of smallest at 38" to largest of 49". The full crown measurement is from The full crown measurement is from where the noseband fits up over the poll down to noseband... . . BROWBAND about 18".

DRAFT sizes please include measurements in the “Notes and Special Request” box at checkout.

We are honored that many clinicians and professionals use our loping bitless hackamores!

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Rumreich
Excellent Training Equipment

I get so many compliments on my loping soft nose hackamore from Buckaroo Leather. It fits my mare perfectly and the reins are so nice! I always love going back to riding in this between showing my horse. It always helps me to lighten my cues.

Anita Tigert
great product!

Wow! I love this loping hackamore! I ordered another brand and sent it back immediately because everything was too big around the nose and I needed giant hands to hold the reins. This product is made very well using quality materials. I asked a few questions about how to fit it and got immediate response. The reins have an excellent feel. Buy it and you won't regret it!

K. Simler
what quantity work

I am So impressed and love my new Loping Hackamore set. I opted for the rawhide nosepiece and this is QUALITY. It is very light weight which I like and John made my reins the exact length I needed for my Icelandic horse and all details I asked for, as far as lengths etc. I cannot wait to go use it. I am very happy with this working art.

Dana Lovell
A Quality Bitless Option!

At Running T Horsemanship I start a lot of colts. The first rides, and often beyond, are bitless. I like the horse to be responsive to my seat and leg cues and softly flexing their face laterally (side to side), before I introduce a snaffle.
I've had the opportunity to try Buckaroo Leather Product's loping hackamore and I love it! The loping hackamore gives me the look and feel I want in a bitless option. The headstall is a soft Herman Oak leather offering a broke in feel with a traditional look. The nose piece is a cross between a bosal and a sidepull. The rawhide wrap option gives the nose piece more presence and the reins signal a direct pull. The reins are soft with a nice feel.
The Buckaroo Leather loping hackamore is a great option, for colt starting, giving your horse's mouth a break or going bitless full time.