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Buckaroo Leather is proud to work with horse trainer Alex Mufson of Three Rivers Horse Training to create the Three Rivers Horse Training, Alex Mufson Sidepull.

The 3R sidepull is made from the finest heavy weight Hermann Oak Harness Leather or black latigo leather. It has that smooth, rich, "broke in" feel. This sidepull headstall is doubled and sewn with a soft chap lining, and oiled for that soft supple feel. This headstall is a sidepull style with a width of 5/8" available in  regular horse size. This headstall has a 1" wide leather noseband and is available with nickel hardware. It has a jowl strap for stability but does not have a throat latch or brow band.

The 3R Sidepull is a favorite out at Three Rivers Horse Training ( based in Three Forks, MT!  Alex Mufson’s philosophy is based upon a thoughtful approach to horsemanship, which works with the horse’s mind to build a willing partnership.  The 3R Sidepull is a favorite for the just started colt, all the way to the seasoned performance horse.  The direct pressure allows for an intuitive communication feel for both the horse and rider, and anything that can be accomplished in a snaffle bit can be accomplished in a sidepull.  The 3R Sidepull removes the issue of problem teeth from the training process, which is particularly useful for young horses, whose mouths are changing all the time.  Alex has requested a few modifications to the typical sidepull to make the 3R Sidepull more versatile in sizing and to prevent it from slipping into the horse’s eye.  It is also great in the cold winter, as it does not involve waiting for a frozen bit to thaw!  Thoughtful horsemanship does not require a bit, because the work is with the horse’s mind. The 3R Sidepull is an ideal headstall for those who do not want to rely on leverage and control, but want an honest examination of their relationship with their horse!

Please NOTE these side pulls are custom made to order, so allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. If needed by a certain date please call John for help 530-545-0139.

LH225L 3R

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everyone loves it

This sidepull fits and looks great. I don't even need a throatlatch or browband--it stays in place very well (granted, my horse is very sensitive and I don't do any heavy pulling). So happy to have finally found a high-quality all-leather sidepull that my horse and I both like--and I can tell he likes it because he happily sticks his face into it every time he sees it. :)

Kaitlyn Bays
3R sidepull

I recently ordered the 3R sidepull but had it customized to have a rawhide noseband, the average size fits my horse nicely and the quality and workmanship are excellent. Definitely reccomend ordering from Buckaroo Leather.

Eve King

Recently purchased a small size bitless Sidepull headstall. Good quality leather, already soft and pliable. The throat latch was a little too small - no problem exchanging it for a larger size.