A Thanksgiving Thought

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I wrote this last year for Thanksgiving, but wanted to share it again this year:


Well, here we are. Thanksgiving week of 2020. What a year. I'm not sure of a single person I know that wasn't effected by 2020 and all it entailed. Jobs were lost. Homes were lost. Businesses closed doors and sadly, some never reopened. People were scared. People hated. People divided. People struggled.

However, in it all was beauty. Did you see it? Did you feel it? If not, do you remember how to find it? In the midst of all that encompassed 2020, and let me tell you, it was a year of barely keeping our heads above water, I really had to find the good. Looking behind the mask, watching people's eyes for a glimpse of an easy smile. Those smiles were there. Small acts of kindness that, when drowning, are like being thrown a life preserve. Watching my horse gallop across a fall field, with the sun shining brightly on his back. Watching the dogs swim and run, blissfully unaware of the human world seeming to collapse around them. 

I preach being thankful every year, but this year much more adamantly. Find the smallest things you are thankful for. Find the beauty, seek it out for your soul. Take a minute. Breathe. Be thankful. 

From all of us at Buckaroo Leather, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 


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