Benefits of a Bitless Sidepull

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In the world of horses there are seemingly endless opinions on how to do almost anything and everything, including (but not limited to!) riding with a bit versus riding bitless. Knowing this, we at Buckaroo Leather we strive to provide our customers with options, which is why we carry bridles, hackamores and our bitless sidepull. 


 There are some benefits to riding without a bit, and we would like to discuss some of those benefits. Some horses may have anxiety with a bit for a number of reasons, such as poor prior handling or maybe because the horse is naturally anxious in disposition and the responsibility of the bit is more than they can handle. Some people want to stay out of the horse’s mouth for as long as possible, and prefer not to start their colts with a bit. There are horses that would simply do better without having to carry a bit due to dental aspects. Some owners and trainers simply feel strongly that a bit has no place in a horses mouth and prefer alternative means of communication. Riders in multiple disciplines, such as reiners and cutters like to give their horse a break from carrying the bit.


We understand and respect all of the above reasons, and that is why we are proud to make several versions of our bitless sidepull, providing options for Western and English riders. As always, we use the finest Hermann Oak Leather, making quality products that will last. Please note that all bitless sidepulls and bridles are made custom to order. 

Please head to our website to view all options. 

If you have any questions regarding style, fit or design please contact Buckaroo John at 530-545-0139. 

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