A Time of Uncertainty

Posted by John Brand on

This is an interesting chapter in life right now, with changes that seem to happen daily, if not hourly. A couple weeks ago we were disappointed that the spring shows had been canceled, and now we watch with a certain level of horror as businesses around us close their doors. To some businesses, this is temporary, and they will once again open their doors after all of this fades. Sadly, to other businesses, closing their doors for even a week means results in their doors being closed forever. We are all effected in some way by this current event. For some, being laid off doesn't just mean bills or rent not aren't able to be paid, but wondering how to put food on the table and in the bellies of our children and animals. 

There is so much unknown, not just globally, but for each business, and for each worker. We are all fighting our own battle during this time, and while it certainly doesn't compare to the battles of our grandfathers, being called to storm the beaches of Normandy, it is certainly a challenge in its own respect. 

So, that being said...be kind. Chin up, stay smart, stay sane, stay safe.

Lots of love and appreciation from all of us at Buckaroo Leather.

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