Bishop Mule Days

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This week we head to Bishop, California for the famous Bishop Mule Days Celebration. There's something quite magical about Mule Days. It almost takes you back to a more simple time, where our lives were more connected to the animals around us. There is something about pulling into Bishop and seeing the snow capped Eastern Sierras rising up in the distance, as they themselves look down on the celebration of the mule. 

Bishop Mule Days was first started in 1969 with a couple hundred attendees, and is now a major event for the small town off Route 395, welcoming over 30,000 people to celebrate the Mule. Mule Days is well known for their parade, running north on 395. It is truly a sight to behold, and we strongly encourage you to attend this year's celebration. 

The week is full of events, from jumpers, dressage, roping, packing, cow work, western pleasure and reining. There is something for everyone, as mules can do it all! 

We are so excited for this upcoming week! What's your favorite Mule Days memory? 


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