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If you're like me, you notice reins. You love the look of the horse hair mecate with the slobber straps, you appreciate the lovely drape of the leather split reins and how nice the well used ones feel in your hand and you take pause to notice the beautiful romal reins with the rawhide buttons.

The romal reins were introduced to the United States by the vaqueros, coming north from Mexico. Their horses were so well trained, and required the slightest movement of the hand to communicate with their mount. Romal reins were traditionally used on horses that have been transitioned to a shanked or spade bit after being thoroughly and well trained in the snaffle or hackamore. 

Romal reins have braided rawhide buttons that not only look attractive, but help with balance and keep the rein off the sweaty body of the horse. At the end of the romal is a quirt, which is used to aid in training the horse and moving cattle.

Historically, romal reins were entirely made of braided rawhide, and, while exquisite and a piece of art, they weren't always cost effective. Nowadays you can find different materials composing the romal rein, which helps in affordability and ease of care and maintenance. 

Buckaroo Leather offers a couple styles of romal reins. Head on over to our website for a look or come by any upcoming event and browse our mobile tack trailer.



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