Slobber Straps and Water Loops

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Slobber straps and water loops, albeit small pieces of tack with odd names, have a purpose. Typically slobber straps are used on mecate reins, while water loops are used on split reins, both connecting the rein to the bit. When reins used to be made from braided rawhide, the slobber straps prevented those precious reins from getting wet while a horse drank water. They also add a little weight to lighter weighted reins, for a better feel between horse and rider. 

Water loops are small, approximately the same width as the leather spilt reins they attach to.

Slobber straps are larger and give the rider the ability for more style. They are made from heavy leather, and can have tooling, conchos, or even buckles. 


Buckaroo Leather offers a few tooling options to your slobber straps, such as a basket weave patter, flowers or acorns. Our slobber straps are made from heavy, quality leather and will last years. Head on over to to order yourself a set!

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