The How and Why of Side Pull Bridles

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Side Pull Headstalls are used without a bit, and are very popular in the training arena and for the experienced trail horse and rider.

Many trainers have found the side pull headstall great for horses who do not accept a bit very well and are fussy and tense and unable to relax and learn.

It is also excellent for horses that have mouth injuries or are sensitive due to harsh training conditions.

The side pull is fast becoming the choice in early stages of ground driving and teaching the basics of turning and stopping.

A quality leather side pull headstall or bridle is designed for the reins to connect to the rings on each side of the horses cheeks, allowing the rider to communicate very clearly left and right.

Different nosebands are available depending on how much pressure you want to exert on their nose. The single lariat rope nose gives the most in a narrow area across the nose. 

The double rope spreads the pressure out. 

The flat leather nose gives the least amount of pressure for the more trained and experienced horse.

Trainers in the natural horsemanship arenas have been using different types of side pull headstalls for a long time.


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