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Most of us are here because we share one common love: horses. Within that love are multiple disciplines in which we work alongside our equine companions. However, setting aside all the competitions, working and training, the most simple and deep reasons we do it all is because our love for these horses seems to be based off the heart to heart and soul connection to these beautiful animals. Last night, after a very long and tiring day, I had the opportunity to stand in a fifteen acre pasture as the sun was setting. The herd grazed quietly, each coming in on their own to investigate. As I placed my hands on their fuzzy necks and listened to them graze and breathe, as I inhaled their sweet scent, I felt my soul sigh. THIS is why we love horses. 

This weekend, we wanted to share with you Wild Hearts Equine Therapy Center, a very special 501(c)(3) organization that facilitates equine assisted learning and therapeutic riding alongside the healing power of the horse. Located in Seneca, SC, their mission is "to provide a safe and compassionate environment that fosters physical, emotional and behavioral growth in programs that utilize the intuitive nature of the horse to enrich the quality of life for people of all ages."  

Not only do they offer therapy to children's adults and veterans, but they also offer youth mentoring, which seems to be so important these days. Land and the ability to connect with horses isn't as readily available as it was in the past, and providing a safe learning space has such an impact on the lives of children.

The power of the horse to heal and bring people together is beautiful to watch, and we love to know that there are organizations out there! Please head over to their website to find out more about the work that they are doing. www.wildheartsequinetherapy.org


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