Winter Trailer Care

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While this winter is much more gentle than last year, it's still winter! Rain, snow, ice and all things cold. While the weather has been quite lovely and you'd rather be out riding, it is important to prep those trailers before winter REALLY hits.  All types of horse trailers will benefit from a good scrubbing, inside and out. 

If you make sure that all waste and dirt are removed, it will help keep your trailer looking good for longer. Here are a few things you’ll want to do:

  • Remove your floor mats, scrub them thoroughly.  Clean away all hay and manure, scrub your floor boards and rinse them clean, so that the waste doesn’t soak in.  Allow the mats to dry completely before you put them back in the trailer.
  • Go over your trailer, lubricate hinges, locks, latches, etc., to prevent them from corroding or  locking up while they aren’t being used. 
  • Check your breakaway brake battery, if so equipped.  Remove and recharge if needed.  Store   the battery in a warm, dry place. 
  •  Inspect your trailer, confirm that your flooring is in good condition.  Replace wood floor   boards and repair any corroded aluminum flooring as needed.

If your trailer has living quarters, it does require a few extra steps.

  • Remove any and all food from your refrigerator, cabinets and drawers. Leave the door open to prevent mold and mildew. 
  • Rodents can cause expensive damage very quickly. Remove bedding, paper products, clothing, magazines or anything that can be used as nesting materials.  
  • Service the hot water heater.  Drain water by opening the relief valve and remove the drain plug. Remember to put the drain plug back in so rodents and other small animals can’t nest in there. It’s also good to flush the water tank with clean water to remove any silt build up in the tank. Also, drain water from your fresh water holding tank and all the water lines in your trailer.  This includes the sink, toilet and shower. 
  •  Drain your gray water and black water tanks. 
  •  Use the appropriate, RV rated, anti-freeze and pump it through the water pipes. Pour anti-freeze into the sink, shower drains, toilet bowl and tank. 
  •  Remove the batteries from all appliances, including the smoke detector. 
  •  Make sure that propane tanks and the main power switch are turned off. 
  •  Remove and recharge the living quarters battery. Store the battery in a warm, dry place. 
  • Clean or replace filters.

Now your trailer is ready for winter!


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