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When you picture a cowboy, he is more than likely wearing a cowboy hat on his head. It is the iconic symbol of the cowboy and of the West. There are three main types of materials the hats are made from: straw, palm leaf and felt. Within each of these are low to high quality materials and craftsmanship. The number of X's on the band indicate the quality, be it mixtures of fur or weave of straw. 

Straw hats are typically a hot weather hat, and provide decent ventilation on those scorching summer days. They are generally more affordable than palm leaf hats.

Palm Leaf hats are going to cost you a little more than a straw hat, and is also a great warm weather hat. One of the fun aspects of a palm leaf hat is the ability to get it wet and reshape it. 

Felt hats are perfect for those chilly days, and in my opinion, have so much character when well used, and can also be quite dressy. 

All hats fit differently, with so many options, such as crown height, brim length, color, weave, bands, etc. A good hat tells a story and can display one's personality and story. In my opinion, there's not much better than a dirty, well used, sweat stained hat, as it's a symbol of hard work from the salt of the earth.

 Buckaroo Leather proudly carries a few options of palm leaf hats and a gorgeous felt hat. 

Introducing our NEW hat: The Cowboy Justified.




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