Horn Wraps

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Many of us that ride in Western saddles, especially Wade saddles, have noticed a piece of leather wrapped around the horn. That piece of leather, or rubber, is called a horn wrap and it is used for roping. 

J.M. Capriola describes the horn wrap beautifully: "Horn wraps made of mule hide or elk hide are used on saddle horns in the Great Basin’s “slick-horn” buckaroo country, as opposed to rubber or being tied on hard and fast as is done in the southwest.   Both of these types of horn wrap allow the dallies to slide as the roper demands, which help facilitate lower stress handling on cattle and saddle horses alike by offering greater control over pressure and release.  While both elk and mule hide are “slick,” elk hide is a little bit stickier with more grab to it.

Our saddles here at Buckaroo Leather come with horn wraps. 

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