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This year, Buckaroo Leather is striving to put out more new product, and we would love to share with you our latest!

Introducing the Hackamore Yacht Rope Mecate. The bosal is a beautifully hand braided 12 plait, measuring 5/8" with an all rawhide core (not a cable core). The headstall hanger is from Hermann Oak harness leather, with a cowboy tie adjustment. The mecate rein is made out of durable yacht rope, measuring 5/8” and 22 feet long.

The mecate is tied to the bosal in a specialized manner that adjusts the fit of the bosal around the muzzle of the horse and creates both a looped rein and a long free end that can be used for a number of purposes.

For the mounted rider, the free end is coiled and attached to the saddle or tucked under your belt. When the rider dismounts, the lead rein is not used to tie the horse to a solid object but used as a lead rope and a form of lunge line when needed.

A properly tied mecate knot allows wraps of rope to be added to the knot in front of the rein loop in order to tighten the bosal noseband on a horse or the rope can be unwrapped to loosen the bosal.

This Vaquero style of hackamore is used in western riding and is an indispensable part of the Vaquero way of making a California reined horse. It is also used with horses that have dental issues, where a bit would be painful. Some riders also like to use this style of hackamore in the winter instead of a frozen metal bit. 


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