Ringing in the New Year

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There are only a few days of 2019 left, which I find very hard to believe. Time flies faster and faster with each year that passes. Looking back, we are so thankful for the journey, and for each lesson learned in the different seasons. With each year that passes there is loss, change, getting out of comfort zones, newness, and with all that comes personal growth, if one allows. 

It is a societal tradition to write down New Year's Resolutions, although I must admit I have never been a fan of doing so. To each year that sets before me, my intention is to be the best version of myself, regardless of the highs and lows that present themselves. To be a better human being, to show more compassion, empathy, strength, humility, grace.

Another goal is to be a better equine steward and to fully comprehend what that means in its entirety. What does stewardship mean? Taken from an online dictionary, stewardship means "the conducting, supervising, or managing of something: especially the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care." That's a heavy responsibility my friends! A wise man once said, "it's what you do when no one is watching." How are your emotions with your horse? What does your timing and release of pressure look like? Your daily care for the animal that you own? Your hands? Your seat? Your legs? Are you always striving to be better? Are you constantly seeking growth has a rider, handler and owner? How can you be better?

This coming year I challenge each of you to strive to be better equine stewards. I challenge you to really take a hard look at yourself and how you handle less than desirable situations with your horse. I challenge you to be the best than you can be, not just for your horse, but for yourself. I believe, that in doing so, you will be pleasantly surprised in the path your horsemanship takes and how it wonderfully spill over into your personal life. 

Ring in the new year safely and responsibly!

Best of luck in 2020, from all of us at Buckaroo Leather.

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