The Loping Hackamore

Posted by John Brand on

This is the quality AMERICAN made western leather loping hackamore bridle you've heard about from cutters and anyone wanting a bitless bridle! This is a round caveson hackamore designed to fit low on your horse's nose and, because it is round, it works more like a sidepull than a hackamore, with a side to side action. It is generally used to lope cutting horses to keep their mouths soft.

It has our working 3/4" harness leather double cheek adjustment headstall with a hand braided fiador (throat latch), which is adjustable to hold the fine quality braided rawhide noseband-caveson in position. We make a high quality 5/8"-8' soft yacht nylon split rein with poppers for a broke-in feel with your choice of split or loop reins.

We need do need a nose circumference for best fit on all sizes.  Please send a message with your order.

We are honored that many clinicians and professionals use our loping bitless hackamores. To order yours, head on over to!

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